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Our property owner services

Luxury furnished rental in Paris

DS Real Estate Agency offers complete services to owners willing to let, manage or sell their property

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You want to let your property as furnished?

DS Real Estate Paris, specialized in furnished rentals in Paris and its surroundings (Neuilly-sur-Seine,Levallois-Perret, Boulogne-Billancourt), makes sure letting your furnished property is an easy process and delivers the highest level of costumer care. 
We swiftly visit your property in order to estimate its optimal rent level. We then advise you on processes and steps to let your property in France and specifically within Paris area (legislation, taxation, fittings, equipment and appliances, decoration, tenants profiles, type of lease...).
You can benefit from our knowledge, expertise and precious advice to best highlight your property and to find the tenant with the best guarantee.
After taking professional photos of your property, we refer and advertise it through an international network of business and private clientele (all with strong credit records), organize the viewings, gather the tenants' files, validate their profile with your approval, write down the lease agreement, organize its signature and finally your newly agreed tenant's check-in.
DS Real Estate Paris also manages unfurnished rentals with the same level of expertise and services.
Our mandates are non-exclusive, but our service remains exclusive and fully personalized.
DS Real Estate Paris is a professional partner you can rely on.
Please contact us by filling in the form below or at +(33) 1 47 43 86 20.
Benefits of furnished rentals in France :
* Renting a furnished apartment allows to increase the rent by about 20% compared to an unfurnished rental. 
See below a. The ALUR Law.
* The duration of a furnished property lease agreement ranges from one month to a year. This allows you, if necessary, to get your property back more quickly. Important to note: You do not  need to commit to a 3 year lease agreement  (as with unfurnished property lease agreement).
See below b. Duration of the lease agreement.
* Benefit from a more attractive Tax Rate with up to a 50% tax deduction.
See below c. How to report the income received from your furnished rental?
a. The ALUR Law
Under the recent French ALUR Law (which regulates amongst other things furnished & unfurnished rentals), property rental prices in Paris are capped since August 1st 2015 for main residence leases (defined for the tenant as the property they rent in which their family has established residence).
Rentals capped values are determined by  various factors such as the property type, area, building construction date, furnished or unfurnished property... To know your reference rent price, you can go directly on the following official website :
The ALUR law applies across the entire French territory, but rentals caps are only applicable in large urban area such as Paris (Be aware that by the end of 2018, Seine-Saint-Denis, Haut-de-Seine and Val-de-Marne departments will also be included).
A rent supplement can be charged if the property contains certain exceptional localization/ comfort features (such as a  particular view, a terrace...) when compared with an average property in the same area. Be aware that this rent supplement may be challenged by the tenant within 3 months after the signature of the lease.
b. Duration of the lease
The duration of the lease is regulated when the property constitutes for the tenant its main residence, and is free in other cases.
- Individual tenant (physical person) as main residence: the lease must be granted for a period of one year, renewable by tacit agreement. 
- Individual tenant, (physical person) as secondary residence: the duration of the lease specified in the agreement can be for less than one year, and may be renewed further to an agreement between the two parties.
- Legal tenant, (for the staff member of a company for instance), the duration of the lease is fixed freely and renewable by both parties.
- Student tenant: the rent is considered as main residence for the student for the duration of the university year (usually Sept-June), even if he is still linked to his parents' home tax address. The lease may be concluded for a period of 9 months without tacit renewal.
Termination of the lease:
In case of main residence, the owner can terminate the lease by sending the tenant a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt 3 months before the ending date foreseen in the agreement (or its renewal) and must justify his decision (for instance, he would need his property back for himself, or to sell it, In any case reason must be legitimate and serious). 
The owner of a property rented as secondary residence can give notice to the tenant at the end of the lease term with 3 months notice period by sending him a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and with no need of justification. 
c. How to declare income received from a furnished rental?
There are two type of status:
Non-professional owner of furnished property (Loueur Meublé non Professionnel - LMNP)
Your rental income is subject to the income tax return related to Industrial & Commercial profits (and not to classical rent income):
- Your rental income amount is less than or equal to 32 900 € for the year, you are covered by the «micro BIC» regime that allows you to deduct 50 % of income (instead of 30 % in «micro-foncier» regime for rental income below 15 000 €). In return, no charges or expenses can be deducted.
- Your rental income amount is more than or equal to 32 900 €, you are covered by «actual» regime allowing you to deduct all the charges from your rent revenues as well as amortize the property & furniture from your rental income.
Professional owner of furnished property (Loueur Meublé Professionnel - LMP)
You are required to collect at least 23 000 € of annual rent income and you can deduct all the charges as well as amortization of your global income. 
Our  fees:
The agency fees depend on the type of lease (main or secondary residence).
For a main residence rental, the owner fees are one month rent CC + VAT.
For secondary residence rental (linked to a company lease for instance), 1/2 month rent CC + VAT.
Real estate agency specialized in selling on L'Ouest Parisien

Property management : You’re looking for a professional to manage your property?

Managing your own property requires availability, reactivity, proximity and organization.
You are either very busy, leave far away from Paris or abroad and you cannot manage all the administrative tasks and issues related to your property rental?
Entrust your property management to a specialist of furnished rentals such as DS Real Estate Paris, so that you are relieved from those constraints and stress.
By signing with us a management mandate, you benefit from our knowledge and extensive network. We pride ourselves for being a recognized and responsible partner who provides all guarantees to optimize management of your assets.
Our management fees are 6% excluding VAT (amounting to 7,2% with VAT included) on all sums collected.
The contract includes the following services :
Letting your property:
 - Evaluate the property in order to determine an accurate rental rate;
- Marketing and advertising of your property;
- Screening & selection of tenants with a specific focus on candidates having strong guarantees (employed by large companies or public administrations, recommended by other relocation agencies such as senior executives, expatriate...);
- Management of your newly agreed tenant arrival;
- Organization and follow-up of check-in and check-out procedures.           
Administrative management and accounting services:
- Editing payment notices and rent receipts for the tenant;
- Collection of the rental safety deposit and the monthly payments;
- Accountability reporting, easy to read monthly cash-flow statements , record keeping;
- Monthly rental income bank transfer to the owner;
- Collection of receivables and follow-up of any legal issue;
- Claims management, quotation & follow-up of restoration works;
- Management of property maintenance & repairs (facilities up to standard, periodic inspections for boiler, chimney sweeping...);
- Help & advices for adjusting property interiors and renovation;
- Annual rent review based on updated French law index;
- Payment of Syndic charges and taxes;
- Deposit refund to the outgoing tenant;
- Preparation of the corporation’s tax return for the rental property income.
Many customers chose to trust us for their property management in Paris and its surroundings.
Please do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the form below or directly on +33 (0)1 47 43 86 20.