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Our services for tenants

Services for Tenants - To go through a real estate professional agency ensures the security of your transactions

Are your looking for a furnished property to rent in Paris?
DS Real Estate Paris can search for it on your behalf and offers you support and guidance in your transaction all the way to the signature of the lease. 
Together, we articulate your project and identify your service needs. We establish your criteria’s list and work on a furnished property search matching your highest expectations and requirements.
We believe defining the relevant districts of Paris where you aspire to live is an essential part of the search process. You can discover them in our specific section called «Districts of Paris».
As a second step, we define and share with you a selection of high standard furnished property matching your budget and within the targeted areas.
We organize viewings at your convenience, we help you to constitute your tenant file, represent your interests when dealing with the owner, write down the lease agreement while ensuring balance between both parties, organize the lease signature and finally your check-in. We can also assit with various administrative tasks (electricity, gaz, telephone and internet providers & contracts).
We already manage some of the properties we are able to offer you, and in this case will be your privileged interlocutor throughout the duration of the lease.
For other properties, you will directly deal with the owner (once lease is signed), but rest assured that we are always available should you need help or advice during your stay.
In order to prepare the best your viewing, we advice you to prepare in advance an extensive set of documents (See below the list of required documents).
Luxury furnished rental in Paris

List of the documents required to rent a property in France

You are an individual tenant:
Copy of your current ID (Passport, identity card, resident permit),
Proof of income :
  • last 3 pay slips,
  • last year income tax,
  • Copy of your employment contract or a certificate of employment + salary from your company,
A financial guarantee by a third party or a French bank guarantee,
A bank statement with all details of your personal bank account.

You are a company :
Company registration certificate (K-bis document for French companies),
Copy of the signatory's valid ID,
Delegation of authority if not indicated in the company registration certificate (k-bis),
For a recently set up company (less than 5 years), the last 2 official annual financial statements.
Real Estate Agency specialized in Long Term Rentals and Furnished Rentals Paris

Our fees

The agency fees paid by the tenant depend on the type of lease (main or secondary residence).

For secondary residence rental,

Personal Lease :​ one month rent CC + VAT. 
Company lease : 12% of the year lease CC + VAT.

For main residence rental, and in accordance with the ALUR Law (dated 27th March 2014),  the remuneration of the agent is split between tenant and owner.
For the tenant, fees to the agency amount to 12 euros (VAT included) per square meter for viewings / file creation / lease agreement completion, as well as 3 euros (VAT included) per square meter for check-in and inventory.
Purchase sale luxury apartment Paris

Safety Deposit

A rental deposit is required from the tenant at the signature of the lease.
It protects the owner from bad debt losses or degradation of the property when tenants leave the apartment.
This deposit is held for the duration of the Tenancy and will be refunded to the tenant at the end of the Tenancy (see below Restitution deadline for Deposit).
For main residence rental, the safety deposit for furnished property is limited to 2 months rent without charges. When unfurnished, the safety deposit is capped at 1 month rent without charges.
For secondary rental, the safety deposit is freely fixed by the owner but rarely exceeds 2 months rent without charges.
Restitution deadline for deposit
The restitution deadline for deposit is 1 month if no reserve has been claimed during the check-out procedure.
Penalties represent 10% of the deposit amount for each month of delay.
This safety deposit cannot be considered  by the tenant to pay for his last monthly rent or for charges.
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Your charges during your stay as tenant

The rent of your property is composed of a rent without charges, along with local charges and taxes.
Rental costs (decree n° 87-713 26/08/1987):
The recoverable rental charges (costs) by the lessor mainly correspond to the expenditure of community facilities and community space of the building used by the tenant:
  • Elevator (electricity expense, elevator operation, general maintenance)
  • Cold water supply,
  • Heating and supply of hot water (water & heating supply, operation, minor repairs and maintenance),
  • Electricity of community areas (consumables and general maintenance),
  • Maintenance and cleaning of publics areas
  • Outdoor areas (roads, parking, garden, playground, pool): electricity, cleaning, watering, mowing ...
  • Home care products,
  • Mechanical ventilation and air ducts (cleaning, maintenance, control checks excepts regulatory controls)
Furthermore, the tax on the removal of household refuse indicated on the annual property tax (taxe foncière) and the communal tax for cleaning streets can be requested by the owner and added to the recoverable rental charges of the building.
Council Tax - French residence tax:
This is an annual residence tax imposed on the occupier of a property in which they were resident on 1st January of each year.
This tax can be, if agreed upon by both parties, payable based on pro rata temporis.
This tax can also be subject to a provision that will be regularized later on.
Lastly, in the event of relocation (removal) during the current year, the tenant who has already paid council tax for his furnished rental will not have to pay it again for his new rental property.
Subscription to a multirisk household insurance policy
The annual cost of this policy will depend on the size and furnishings of the property. Its subscription is mandatory in France and can conduct to the resiliation of the lease if not subscribed.
DS Real Estate Paris can offer you quotations for your insurance policy optimized to the specific needs of furnished rental.
Energy  and broadband Subscriptions
Electricity, gaz, telephone, internet, cable TV and other services are payable exclusively by the tenant.
DS Real Estate Paris can assist you with the administrative procedures of your subscriptions and network transfers.
Maintenance contracts for individuals equipments
The tenant is obliged by law to subscribe to, at his own expense, an annual maintenance contract for specifics equipements such as gas boiler, chimney sweeping...
DS Real Estate Paris, a customized support for your furnished rental search.
Please contact us by filling in the form below or direcltly on  + 33 (0)1 47 43 86 20.